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Recent project: crane jib repair

Replacement of repaired crane jib
  • The No.3 crane sustained significant damage during cargo operations at a Port Vancouver terminal.

  • The McGregor representative determined that the deformed section of the jib needed to be removed and replaced.

  • The entire boom was removed from crane and landed ashore. 

  • Repairs were scheduled to complete prior to the vessel's return on the next voyage.

  • A-1 crew cut out the damaged segment.

  • A new section of the jib was flown to Vancouver from the manufacturer's plant and delivered to A-1 Marine's premises.

  • The assembly was prepared for welding and transported to the terminal.

  • The new piece was welded to the crane jib under supervision of the manufacturer's representative.

  • After extensive testing was completed, the jib was painted and loaded onto a barge in advance of the return of the vessel.

  • The completed unit was lifted and reattached to the crane mast.

  • The crane wires were reinstalled and the crane was brought back to operational condition.  

  • The crane was thoroughly inspected and tested, then officially put back in service.

  • The entire job was completed on time and on budget.

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