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Cruise ship services

Baggage handling equipment

Vancouver has become a desired destination in the popular Alaska cruise business, with over 800,000 passenger visits each year.   Countless operations go on behind the scenes in order to enable everyone to have a great cruise experience.  One of those tasks is the smooth loading and unloading of passenger baggage.  


Many years ago, we designed and built the specialized equipment that is still in use on a daily basis during the very busy cruise season.  These are heavy-duty units, in a number of configurations, that must stand up to constant use.  We have ongoing business carrying out maintenance, repair and replacement in the off-season.

Cruise vessel repairs

A-1 offers the full range of technical repair and maintenance services, just the same as for cargo vessels.  The cruise ship business presents special challenges in terms of tight schedules and the fact that passengers are almost always present.  Repair work must be done in the most unobtrusive manner possible.  Our crews have a lot of experience working in this manner and have often travelled on board the vessels in order to carry out projects that require a longer time frame to complete.

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