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Being a full-service deepsea marine repair company means that we need to be able to handle every technical requirement presented to us by ship owners, management companies, the ships' command, shipping agents, terminal operators and stevedores.  We have a track record of experience in getting results in challenging situations, especially when others have given up trying.

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Marine specialiasts

This is the core of our business.  We specialize in all types of deepsea vessel repair work, at every berth and port in British Columbia.   Short of dry-docking, no job is too large or too small.  Our team of expert technicians has specialized in dealing with time sensitive situations.  We know the importance of getting the vessel back to fully operational condition ASAP.  

We have the extensive experience required to locate hard-to-get items which are critical for timely repair work.  We stock items such as class-approved steel plate and crane wires.  

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Expert work, completed on time

We get it done right, the first time

We have a comprehensive metal fabrication shop onsite at our Vancouver headquarters.  Our staff includes expert welders, fitters and machinists.  We also have strong relationships with other specialty facilities, so that every vessel requirement can be handled with top-flight technicians.  We keep Class-approved steel in stock, avoiding delays in ordering and delivery.

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Repairing a hole in the bow hull plate, port of Vancouver, BC
Fabrication of safety equipment lifting basket, Vancover BC

For breakbulk cargo operations, having fully functional deck cranes is key.  In today's maritime environment, workplace safety is always the top concern, and British Columbia ports have a well-deserved reputation for requiring top-level standards for our longshoremen.  A-1 Marine has a crew of experienced crane technicians and riggers to ensure these needs are met.  As well, we stock crane wire in the most common sizes, ready to go on a moment's notice.

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Trained technicians on call around the clock

Hoisting and luffing wires in stock

Repair of crane jib, Vancouver, BC

Baggage handling equipment

Vessel repairs and service

The Port of Vancouver is a prime tourist destination in the thriving cruise business, with over 820,000 of passenger visits each year.  And each of those people have luggage.   A-1 Marine personnel have designed and built the baggage handling equipment that has been used for decades at Vancouver terminals.  We specialize in fabrication, repair and recertification of this heavily-used gear.

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Cruise ship vessel and terminal services

One of the cornerstones of A-1 Marine's business has been testing and certification.  With many years of experience in hand, we have set the standards in British Columbia's marine sector.  We have worked closely with Transport Canada in order to establish industry benchmarks for testing procedures, certification and conformity to government guidelines.  A-1 Marine has earned a worldwide reputation for unwavering dedication to setting the highest level in testing whether it is on our in-house test bed or in the field.  

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Industry leader, reputation for integrity

Transport Canada approved certification

Chains, shackles, turnbuckles, wire rope and more - certification and supply

From its very beginning, a foundation of the BC shipping industry has been the export of lumber and raw logs.   Transport Canada oversees enforcement of IMO guidelines for the securing of timber deck cargoes, the most stringent of any jurisdiction in the world.  A-1 Marine has two of the most experienced experts in this field and has been an industry leader in testing, recertification and the supply of high-quality lashing components.

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Typical timber deck lashing completed on a cargo of logs BC port
Testing twist lock pin at A-1 Marine premises

The Metro Vancouver area is home to some of Canada's largest container terminals, as well as dozens of off-dock operations.  Crucial to these facilities are large fleets of top pick and empty container handling machinery, made by a number of different manufacturers.  A-1 has ongoing business undertaking major repairs on the masts of these machines.  As well, our C&C machine shop manufactures twist lock pins in a range of sizes and styles.  We only use 4340 HTSR steel, which results in the highest quality of pins available anywhere.  We do testing, renewal, recertification and sales of twist lock pins and other key components.

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Mast rebuilding and selected spare parts

Twist lock pin sales, service and certification

typical container handling machine

Discharge from vessel

Commissioning work and more

In the summer of 2017, A-1Marine embarked on a new segment of its business.  Based on the strength and flexibility of its skilled workforce, we were contracted by ZPMC, the world's largest manufacturer of dock gantry container cranes, to supply the labour and project management for the discharge and commissioning of two new cranes at a local terminal.

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Dock gantry cranes at major container terminal, Port Vancouver
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