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About us

Our team

We have a dedicated crew of some of the top tradesmen in the marine industry - welders, fitters, riggers and machinists - all dedicated to getting the job done safely while meeting tight vessel schedules.  

Our history

Founded in July 2004 by Andy Aelbers, A-1 Marine rapidly established a reputation for dependable service in the British Columbia maritime industry.  Drawing on his many years of experience, he set new standards for reliability and the willingness to go the extra mile in order to get the job done.  A-1 is ready to work at any port in British Columbia, round the clock, if necessary.

We have evolved into a full-service company that can handle all the technical needs of the shipping community, short of dry-docking.  We have established a worldwide reputation for the highest quality testing and certification, with an experienced and skilled staff that gets the job done right the first time, and on time.

Our clients

Our customer base spans the entire range of the deepsea shipping industry, as well as many other companies in British Columbia.  Our international clients include ship owners, ship management companies, technical supply companies and offshore manufacturers of marine equipment. Locally, we work closely with shipping agents, stevedoring companies, terminal operators and more.  Here's just a few:



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