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Timber deck lashings 

  • Deck lashing procedures are strictly regulated in all British Columbia ports

  • These regulations enforce safety for cargoes, vessels and ships' crews

  • All components must have valid test certificates and tags

  • Lack of compliance can cause delays to cargo operation and departure

  • A-1 has a team of the top lashing experts in the BC marine industry

  • We stock the full range of lashing components, fully certified

  • We can do testing and recertification of existing lashing gear

  • Our crane technicians can handle the most challenging problems

  • Crane wires and heavy duty shackles kept on hand at our warehouse

  • Our certificates are accepted worldwide, and are Transport Canada approved

  • We are available 24 hours/day, ready to work at any BC port

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A-1 Marine is British Columbia's leading specialist for timber deck lashing testing and supply

Lashing Testing and Certification

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