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A commitment to quality and integrity

A-1 Marine has established a global reputation as a provider of marine testing services.   We certify deck cranes, crane wires, lifting frames and equipment, rigging materials,  container handling machinery twist lock pins and much more.  One of our specialities has been the supply and testing of timber deck lashings, having handled hundreds of vessel requests over the years.  

In order to maintain our reputation, we set the highest standards for quality and integrity during our testing processes.  We also maintain traceability, keeping records of every testing job since our company was founded.  We keep on file all supporting documentation, going back to original mill and manufacturer's certification, as much as is available. 


Inadequate tagging often is the reason for failure of lashing gear during the Transport Canada inspection.   Even if the lashing gear is perfectly good, if there is no tag attached that positively identifies that particular item to a certificate, then the gear must be rejected. Such materials need to be proof tested in accordance with Transport Canada guidelines.

Most reputable marine lashing suppliers around the world take appropriate measures to ensure that the materials they provide have proper tags and information.  The absence of such tags are a warning to the Transport Canada Port Warden that substandard materials are in use.  In the past, vessels calling at BC ports have presented a remarkable range of sub-par tags, including tags made of heavy foil and stamped using a screwdriver, to tags made of cut up nautical charts with handwritten data.  Any lashing gear bearing this type of tagging is immediately rejected and a citation is issued.

More recently, newer materials have been used, sometimes made of plastic, or metal tags with plastic stickers attached.  These tags contain all of the required information and look very presentable, but will fail to stand up to heavy use over the four-year certification period.

There have been several cases of vessels that arrive in port without any tags at all, then the crew works overnight to attach new tags, but without any testing having been done.  This is a red flag for the Port Warden to investigate further.  The vessel may be ordered to have some testing done in order to verify questionable tags or certificates.

We manufacture and stamp our tags in house.  The tags are made of 3/16" aluminum, and are deeply stamped in order to be legible for many years.  On the tags are all of the information required by Transport Canada.  We attach the tags using 1/8" stainless steel aircraft cable and 3/16" aluminum duplex sockets.  This is a very heavy-duty configuration, ensuring that the tags will be in place and legible for many years.

Important note: A-1 Marine does not sell blank tags.  We will only provide tags for materials that we have originally sold and individually proof-tested.   We believe that it is the best way to maintain the integrity of our company.

Timber deck lashings: tags and certificates

A-1 Marine is British Columbia's leading specialist for timber deck lashing testing and supply


The lack of proper certificates is another leading cause of rejection of lashing gear by Transport Canada Port Wardens.  They have been extremely strict in ensuring that proper certificates are in place and can reject them for even the smallest written error.


The certificates must be in possession of the ship's command.   They need to be in the exact format as specified by Transport Canada and within the four-year period from the last date of test.  Recertification may be ordered in the case of a valid certificate that is due to expire prior to the vessel's scheduled arrival at discharge ports.

Note: Mill certificates and Class certificates are not in the format specified by Transport Canada and do not contain the required information.  They will be rejected.

A-1 Marine personnel have worked closely with Transport Canada for over 20 years and ensure that all certification meets their requirements.  There have been a number of changes in the application of the Timber Deck Lashing regulations and certificate formats have had to be updated.

When we are doing a testing or recertification job, we send the results and new certificates directly to Transport Canada.  That is the assurance that the job has been done up to standards.

Note: As a matter of security and integrity, we do not give out sample certificates. It is our policy only to issue certificates for work that we have actually completed, whether it is testing, recertification or supply of new materials.

Lashing Testing and Certification

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