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Timber deck lashing components

Wire Rope
Snatch blocks

We understand the importance of selling top-quality deck lashing components at the best possible price. A-1 Marine only deals with manufacturers who are committed to ongoing quality control. Everything we sell meets or exceeds all industry standards, particularly Transport Canada regulations. We supply all deck lashing materials with tags and certificates that are in full compliance with government guidelines.

We maintain a large inventory of deck lashing components on hand at all times.  Contact us for a quotation.



13mm long link deck lashing chain, hot dip galvanized.  


We only sell chain manufactured in the USA to the highest possible standards.  Every link of this chain is subjected to a continuous proof test in the final stages of manufacturing.   We do additional testing on every lot that we receive, including cold bend and elongation tests.

The quality of chain cannot be judged by its visual appearance.  A-1 Marine has worked on hundreds of log vessels and have experienced a lot of inferior chain from offshore manufacturers.  In the course of testing this chain, we have seen countless failures. We have witnessed brand new offshore chain shatter on the ship's deck as a result of severe hydrogen embrittlement.  


The manufacture of this type of chain is a very difficult balance between achieving the required tensile strength in a relatively small diameter link, accounting for the reduction in breaking strength caused by galvanizing,  yet still meeting elongation and cold bend standards.  That is why we exclusively deal with one of the world's leading manufacturers.

We regularly ship complete sets of chains and other deck lashing components to shipyards in Japan.   We fulfill our customers' requirements that their new vessels be fitted with North American made chain, tested and certified here.


Hot dip galvanized shackles, anchor and chain pattern, various sizes.

We sell import shackles in a range of configurations.  

For chain lashings, we sell the industry standard size shackle, 7/8" (23mm) diameter chain pattern ("D" shape) galvanized shackle.  This shackle offers a combination of strength and the ability to dip the shackle through the links of standard deck lashing chains.  This configuration is known as the K-18 shackle in Asia.

For wire lashings, we sell two sizes of the anchor pattern ("C" shape) galvanized shackle:  1-1/8" (known as SC30) and 1-1/4" (SC32) diameter.

We also stock many other sizes of shackles from 3/4" to 3" body diameters.


Quick release deck lashing turnbuckles, hot dip galvanized.

We sell turnbuckles that are assembled in North America.  Starting  with a standard import 1" x 18" jaw/jaw turnbuckle, we add domestically made grab hooks and pelican hooks.  The design of this assembly allows for easy quick release of loads, even when under tension, yet still exceeding all standards for breaking strength.

We also stock the so-called "USA turnbuckles" in 7.5T and 9.5 T capacities.

Note: Rigging screws are not for sale anywhere in North America.  For timber deck lashing purposes, we have always successfully substituted 1-1/4" x 18" jaw/jaw turnbuckles.

Wire rope


(6x24) fibre core, galvanized steel wire rope, available in 18, 22, 24 and 26mm diameters

Our wire rope is manufactured in Korea.  All lashing assemblies are fabricated, tested and certified in North America.

One of the challenges in dealing with the supply of timber deck lashings is the wide range of wire lashing configurations.   There is no standardization in the marine industry.  Each shipyard has their own lashing arrangement.

Because of this, all wire lashing sales are custom made to order.  Detailed information is needed to establish length overall, wire diameter,  plus quantity and configuration of any eyes.  Wire is only cut and fabricated upon firm confirmation of an order.  For a standard size ship set, that will require 4-5 straight time working days for assembly and preparation for shipment. Once fabricated, wire rope assemblies are not returnable, so everything must be right the first time.

Snatch blocks


Steel sheave snatch blocks, 9.5" (240mm) and 6" (150mm) sizes

We sell high-quality import snatch blocks, with or without shackles, as required.

Wire rope clips


Galvanized wire rope clips, either malleable or drop forged type, available in 18, 22, 24 and 26mm capacities.

Korker boots


In addition to lashing comments, this is another product that we sell which is a speciality item for vessels carrying timber deck cargoes. Made in the USA, these boots slip over standard safety boots and offer additional traction when walking on timber deck loads. They come in a variety of sizes and grip configurations.  We sell these to stevedoring companies and ships' crews.

Korker boots

Lashing Testing and Certification

A-1 Marine is British Columbia's leading specialist for timber deck lashing testing and supply

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