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Testing and certification

Quality, reliability and integrity

A key element in the marine industry is the ability to back up products and services supplied with proper certification.  This can include mill certificates, class approval certificates and Transport Canada compliant certification.

From the very start, A-1 Marine has always built its reputation with impeccable documentation, including certificates backed up with its in-house and onsite testing regime.  We have complete traceability for every certificate we have ever issued and keep all supporting documentation available.


We follow all Transport Canada regulations to the letter.  Our load cells are frequently calibrated by outside independent authorities and have a well-earned reputation for the highest degree of accuracy anywhere in the marine industry.  The certificates that we issue are fully compliant with all Transport Canada requirements and are recognized worldwide as a leader in quality testing services. 

Testing services
  • Lifting frames

  • Lifting sling assemblies

  • Wire rope slings

  • Lashing wires and crane wires

  • Twist lock pins - learn more

  • Timber deck lashings Annex E - learn more

  • Timber deck lashings proof test - learn more

  • Deck cranes - learn more

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