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Ship repair: our core business

We are a full service company

The deepsea shipping business in British Columbia has an extreme diversity in the types of vessels and cargoes handled.  Some of these vessels are:

  • coastal and deepsea tugs and barges

  • breakbulk carriers: forest products, steel, project cargoes

  • ro/ro vessels: breakbulk and automobiles

  • tankers: petroleum products and other liquid cargoes

  • container vessels: four major terminals at Vancouver and Prince Rupert

  • bulk carriers: coal, grain, sulphur, potash, copper concentrates

  • heavy lift vessels: project cargoes and steel

  • cruise ships: bringing over 800,000 passengers per year to Vancouver

All of these types of vessels present different challenges in terms of the range of requirements for regular maintenance and emergency repairs.

What we can do for you


  • repairs to hull plating including deformation and holes, above and under water

Engine room:

  • motor recondition and rewinding

  • turbochargers

  • cylinder recondining

  • generator

  • exhaust and cooling system work


  • various systems
  • batteries

Ballast tanks:

  • renewal of stiffeners

  • plating


  • deck plating

  • hatch covers and coamings

  • bollards

  • stanchions

  • pad eyes

  • anchors and anchor chains

  • gangways

  • railings

  • life boats and davits

  • windows

  • lashing materials - learn more


  • replacement wires

  • adjustment to limit switches, brakes

  • full service - learn more

We work 24/7/365 at every port and terminal in British Columbia
  • We have an experienced roster of the best tradesmen available to work when you need it.  Welders, fitters, riggers, machinists and more.

  • In addition, we have a vast network of proven subcontractors who can handle every specialized technical requirement that may arise.

  • We work closely with shipowners, management companies, owners representatives, ship's command, classification societies and local agents to ensure that all parties are working together to solve the challenges of a major repair operation.

  • We are unique in that we stock a very large inventory of some of the most hard-to-get items that may be needed in emergency repair situations:  class-approved steel plate, crane hoisting wires, crane shackles and deck lashings, to name just  a few.

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