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Recent project: new gantry cranes

Time lapse video of discharge
Completed project - cranes operational
  • ZPMC is the world's leading manufacturer of dock gantry container cranes.  Based in Shanghai, they supply  cranes worldwide.

  • The purchaser is the largest container terminal on Canada's west coast and as part of their ongoing expansion, took delivery of two new cranes, the tallest anywhere in North America,

  • A-1 was contracted by ZPMC to supply skilled labour and project management for the discharge and commissioning.

  • The project ran for approximately 10 weeks, on a tightly-scheduled timeline.   There were many critical deadlines to be met through the course of the work.

  • A-1 had a wide range of responsibilities, including:

    • setting up temporary tracks to enable discharge

    • setting up rigging and deadweights to pull cranes off the ship

    • moving cranes on the dock before they were powered up

    • removal of sea lashings from the crane and onboard ship

    • shipping removed sea lashings back to ZMPC in Shanghai

    • installation of numerous mechanical items including crane brakes, hydraulic fittings, railings, toilets and bathroom fixtures.  Adjustment of limit switches and other devices.

    • removal of temporary bogeys, protective coverings and rigging

    • painting base colours, railings, walkways and numbers

    • additional work done on behalf of the terminal for jobs beyond the contracted scope of work, in order to upgrade safety.

  • Coordination with other projects underway at the terminal, as well as ongoing vessel operations.   Management of tight and often   conflicting schedules within a highly-regulated work environment.

  • Emphasis on workplace safety: there were no reportable incidents during the entire project - no injuries or lost man-hours

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